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Anxiety is a natural and usually short-lived reaction to a stressful situation, associated with feelings of worry, nervousness or apprehension.


For people with anxiety disorders however, anxious thoughts, feelings, or physical symptoms are severe, upsetting, frequent, and interrupt daily life.

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Everyone feels sad, moody or low from time to time. Depression, however, is a serious mental health issue where sadness, flat or low mood, or a sense of ‘emptiness’ is prolonged – lasting weeks, months and sometimes years.


Depression isn’t just about ‘feeling down’. It presents with a number of other symptoms and interferes with daily life and relationships.


Parents & Parenting

Parents play an essential role in raising children by providing environments and relationships that enable health and development to occur.

Parents make decisions about what’s right for their children and families based on their unique values, circumstances and lifestyles.

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